Online Class

With DVD or Streaming lessons led by master teachers on pre-recorded videos, Online Class Supplemental Video can help you provide an academically excellent education to your child. All the subjects lessons are available Not only for an hour but for a day - just like in an onsite school.

Like being part of the class

Because Online Class videos are recorded in a Christian school classroom, your students will feel like part of the onscreen class. Our teachers acknowledge them and give them a chance to participate in assignments, activities, and games.


How do I do Online Class?
All you need to do is to assist your child.

Parents need to support their children with a tablet, phone or computer and working internet. OHAA will have the orientation for parents and students on how to access our e learning platform . Books will be shared during orientation and OHAA will do our best to make sure you don't miss any instruction. Parents should educate and assist their children on how to handle their gadgets carefully and alert them for upcoming conference calls with teachers.


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OHAA's first day of school was 18th of January for 2021/2022 academic year.
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