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Volunteer teachers at OHAA lead the lessons for the class while the classroom teacher learns the content alongside the students.
Volunteer teachers participate in two to three classes per week and meet regularly with their team to track progress and plan upcoming lessons. Also, you can have one day session talent sharing (sports, policeman, firefighter, nurse, musician,etc. ) any professional occupation for encouraging children are wlecome. Thank you!

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One Heart Africa Academy was established primarily as a Christian school, and it is dedicated to maintaining the highest academic standards and presenting the vital issues of the day in light of Scripture. From its inception, One Heart Africa Academy has been committed to excellence as a Christian educational institution which glorifies Christ as the source of all wisdom and knowledge and educates students based on biblical values. Staff hired by One Heart Africa Academy must be dedicated to training young people for serving God. All One Heart Africa Academy employees must be born-again Christians and agree with our Mission Statement, Doctrinal Position, Philosophy of Education, and Staff Commitments. Additionally, staff members are hired based on professional credentials, education experience, and Christian testimony, as well as perceived ability to succeed performing the General Faculty Duties.

How to join us


  • Must be a Christian
  • BSc/BA Education or relevant field
  • Montessori Teaching Certificate (Kindegarten teacher)
  • Knowledge and experience in Abeka Curriculum preferred
  • At least 2year teaching experience
  • Energetic, creative and artistic character preferred

Please fill out the form and submit a maximum 500 words essay on the selected topic below.


  • Explain how your teaching experience has impacted your students and community. (maximum 500 words)

(Please provide a copy of your CV)

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